The New WKDN - 950 AM

We rejoice that Family Radio can again be heard in Philadelphia and Camden areas on a new AM signal at 950 AM! The new WKDN-AM is a very powerful signal that reaches all the way from areas south of Dover, Delaware; to the north, through Lancaster, Reading and Allentown, PA; and east into New Jersey. The best NJ coverage is in the southern and central portions of the state, especially to the west; however, there is some distant coverage into limited areas of northern NJ and in southern Long Island, as well.

Like most AM stations, the nighttime coverage pattern is different from the daytime coverage, to eliminate interference with other stations due to atmospheric conditions; and so, reception to many areas, except in Philadelphia and points east, will be more limited in the nighttime.

Also, because AM is susceptible to weather and atmospheric conditions, anyone who formerly was able to listen to either WKDN or WFME has at least a possibility of reception, at times, on 950 AM, during some parts of the day-- and many will have solid reception.

Let your friends and former listeners know of God's faithfulness, and encourage them to tune in!

WFME Moves to 106.3 FM

Family Radio can now be heard at 106.3 FM from Mt. Kisco, New York! It's main, or local, coverage is a radius of about 30 miles from the Mt. Kisco area, reaching well into spots such as White Plains and New City, NY, with fairly good distant coverage -- as far as Danbury and Stamford, CT, to the East; and Yonkers, NY, to the south. FM is not affected to any high degree by weather nor atmospherics; and so, if you are able to tune us in at 106.3, the reception should be very consistent.

In addition to this new signal on 106.3 FM, we are working diligently to secure a replacement AM station powerful enough to cover the loss, or, make up for the loss of WFME 94.7 FM, with Family Radio again being heard in the Metropolitan New York area. We also realize that the loss of this once-powerful beacon has hit our listeners living in, and around, New York / Northern New Jersey areas, very hard; but we trust that God knows this, and will provide -- in His time. In the meanwhile, please keep praying for us at Family Radio. We will keep you informed as we get more definitive news.

Thank you for your continued support of Family Radio -- and we are very thankful to God for His great mercy on us!

November Appeal Letter

"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 26:3

What is happening with Family Radio?

Today, rumors abound surrounding Family Radio and the sale of our most powerful station, WFME FM. Many listeners have heard news of this sale and are very concerned that it signals the demise of Family Radio. But, let me reassure you -- nothing could be further from the truth. Let us put aside rumor and calmly examine the facts and the events that led us to the very difficult decision of selling one of our most powerful tools for sending out the Gospel. The decision to sell WFME-FM was very painful and difficult. However, God provided no other option. Either we sell WFME or go off the air completely. We held off on this decision for over a year, hoping God would provide other means of solving this present financial situation. Some may ask, why did we not inform our listeners of our situation sooner? My answer to this is that, given the present state of the economy, and the sacrifices many gave for the May 21 warning, it would not be kind nor proper to ask our listeners to dig deeper into their already-depleted pockets for more help.

Rather, a more prudent path is to begin to live within the means God has provided by reducing our operational costs. Secondly, by restructuring our operations, Family Radio will be strengthened and better able to provide our listeners with what we all long for -- the comfort of God's Word and the peace that faithful music can bring.

To do this, each station will have to be examined to see whether there are sufficient means to continue to broadcast our programming on it. So, needless to say, other stations may be affected in the near future, but our hope and goal is to keep as many stations on the air as God provides. No doubt, Family Radio has faced many difficult decisions, but God remains the power and force behind this ministry. We trust He has led us to this point and will guide us through this critical period. We are confident that, when all is done, Family Radio will continue -- and be stronger, having gone through this critical process.

For those living in and around Philadelphia, we are pleased to announce that Family Radio will be heard again in Philadelphia -- at 950 AM on the new WKDN-AM! We praise God for His wonderful answer to our prayer!

For our WFME listeners, we do not anticipate the loss of this signal until the end of the year.

In the meantime, we are working intently to find a suitable replacement -- so if God permits, we will again be heard throughout the great city of New York. We rejoice, knowing God is faithful and can provide for this need; so please pray for God's wisdom and guidance as we seek out a possible AM replacement for this important station. The believers in this great country, as well as those around the world, desperately need the hope that only God's Word can give; so, we take seriously our duty to seek to provide Family Radio's Gospel programming for as many communities as God will allow.

No one has as much of a stake in WFME as I do, so believe me I share your pain at the news of the loss of such an important beacon of truth. But, as with all things in this life, it is God to Whom we must cry out.

I trust that He will continue to provide what we individually need, as He tells us in Ephesians 3:20:

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us..."

Harold Camping