There are currently three ways to listen to Family Radio online:

The first way:
…is to listen to our flash-based, embedded streams. To do this, just click on the "click-to-listen" microphone on our home page. To listen this way, you must have Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or higher installed and you must have javascript enabled (this is the default setting for most browsers).
The second way:
…is to click on one of the URLs at the bottom of this page. This will either open up a new webpage, wherein the audio will begin playing. Or, if your web browser is unable to handle the file type, it will usually download the streaming file to your computer. Usually, that file will then open up in a default media application such as iTunes or Windows Media Player, and begin playing.
The third way:
…is to copy and paste one of the URLs from the bottom of this page into a supported media application or device. This option is only available if your media application has a field to paste streaming URLs into, or if your device supports internet radio streaming (You may view our list of sample devices that support internet radio streaming).

Sample Media Applications:



Real Player



Playlist File (


Advanced Streaming Redirector File (


MP3 URL File (



Western USA Stream
Eastern USA Stream
European, English-only Stream

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