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...Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life. And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God.

John 6:68-69

Family Stations Inc. 290 Hegenberger Rd. Oakland, CA 94621-- For more information call toll free 1-800-543-1495

or e-mail:


Broadcasting Christ-centered programs to the United States & around the world!


Family Radio is thoroughly committed to the Person and salvation work of Jesus Christ as revealed in God's divine, infallible word, the Bible. We are a Christian nonprofit, nondenominational, educational organization dedicated to obeying our Lord's command to preach the Gospel to every creature ( Mark 16:15 ). Family Radio's board of directors and staff, are thoroughly persuaded, by our obedience to God's word, that He has established this ministry for the sole purpose of using all its energy and resources to:

  • proclaim the true Gospel
    to all nations around the world.
  • accurately teach the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

All programs on Family Radio include no commercial advertisements. Air time for other Christian broadcasters on Family Radio is free of charge. The day-to-day operations of this ministry rely solely upon God working through the prayers and financial support of fellow believers.

First Broadcast in 1959

Family Radio, established in 1958 under its official name: Family Stations Inc., aired its first broadcast on February 4, 1959, over radio station KEAR FM in San Francisco CA. Since then, God has enabled the ministry to build a number of powerful AM and FM stations throughout the United States and various places around the world, a shortwave facility, and several smaller educational facilities and translators. Family Radio also shares programming with local TV Stations in San Francisco, CA (channel 28) and Newark, NJ (channel 66). Today, with the use of modern technology, God has opened the door to broadcast the Gospel via Internet around the world.


Family Radio is a nondenominational, noncommercial, nonprofit, listener-supported, 24-hour, Christian ministry. You too can take part in sending the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to your town and around world through your financial support. By God's grace we have provided a simple and secure online donation form.

Family Radio's Donation page is encrypted (128 bit, high-grade, encryption key). This means it is very difficult for intruders to view the page as it loads to your system and enables privacy while submitting any information over the Internet.

When an individual clicks on the link to enter Family Radio's Donation Page they are transmitting via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). You will notice the URL prefix in your Browser's address field has changed from http to https and the paddle lock icon located at the bottom of the page changes to a locked position. This indicates you have entered a secure page.

Family Radio's secure online donation form provides the following 5 options to help you send your contribution:

1. Check by Internet.
Checking Account # and Check #
2. EFT.
Electronic Funds Transfer.
3. ATM (debit)
With a Master Card or Visa Logo.
4. Credit Card
Accepts Master Card, Visa, and Discovery
5. Recurring Donation
(by telephone only: 1-800-543-1495)
An automatic monthly donation using either an ATM (debit) or Credit Card.

International Broadcasts

Family Radio's International Department has been broadcasting via shortwave since 1973.

You can contact Family Radio's International Dept. by calling 1-800-543-1495 or address or e-mail to:

A Diversified Outreach

In addition to broadcasting via AM/FM Radio, Shortwave, Satellite, and Internet, Family Radio also spreads the Gospel through literature, which can be downloaded, requested online, or by calling: 1-800-543-1495.