A Brief Biography of

Harold Camping
President of Family Stations Inc.

Harold Egbert Camping received a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley in 1942. He and his family were lifelong members the Christian Reformed Church until the year 1988. He served there as an Elder and Bible teacher for many years. Harold Camping earned his living from his own construction business, which he began shortly after the end of World War II.

In 1958 he, together with two others, formed the non-profit ministry of Family Stations, Inc. (Family Radio - a Christian educational network) in which he has served as President. Eventually Harold Camping sold his business and became a full-time volunteer employer of Family Radio serving as President and as General Manager.

In 1961 Family Radio began the Open Forum program, a live weeknight call-in program hosted by Harold Camping. This program has continued to the present time and is broadcasted on the more than 140 stations owned by Family Radio in the U.S. The Open Forum is also translated into many foreign languages and together with other Family Radio programing is broadcast worldwide via Shortwave, and a network of AM / FM stations. Additionally, most of this worldwide programming is aired by means of Internet (www.familyradio.com).

Harold Camping has authored about 30 books and booklets most of which are available free of charge from Family Radio.

Who or What is Family Radio

Family Radioís official name is Family Stations, Inc. It is an altogether unique non-profit corporation begun in 1958 with the express purpose of sending the Christian Gospel into the world. It is a worldwide non-commercial ministry supported entirely by gifts from its listeners. Its president and general manager, Harold Camping is a full time volunteer, receiving no salary or other financial compensation. In reality Family Radio regards the Lord Jesus Christ as its Chief Executive Officer, because it operates altogether under the authority of the Bible. The Board of Directors and all of its employees are regarded as servants who serve Jesus Christ as their King.

We at Family Radio constantly endeavor to send throughout the world all of the teachings of the Bible as extensively and as intensively as possible. Therefore, we broadcast in more than 30 of the major languages of the world so that as many people as possible can hear the true Gospel in their own language.

Family Radio also sponsors a correspondence School of the Bible. Anyone may join free of charge to learn Bible Hebrew, Bible Greek, and receive instruction in many books of the Bible.

Family Radio has an intense desire to be altogether faithful to the teachings of the Bible, both in the conduct of its employees and in the Biblical messages it sends into the world. Therefore, the programs sent out by radio broadcasts, the Internet, etc., are constantly reviewed to make certain that the messages being aired are faithful to the Bible.

For most of the years of its existence, Family Radio served as a great help in building up local churches that were reasonably faithful to the Bible. This was so because the Bible indicated that the local congregations were a divine institution made up of those who adhered to the teachings of the Bible. These local churches were divinely mandated to send the Gospel into all of the world.

At Family Radio, we emphatically teach that the whole Bible is the Word of God. We believe that, in the original languages in which the Bible was written, every Word was from the mouth of God, and consequently, is never to be altered and must be obeyed. The Bible alone, and in its entirety, is the Word of God. Therefore, we reject the phenomena of tongues, visions, voices, etc., as having any part in the true Gospel since the Scriptures have been completed.

On Family Radio we clearly teach the Biblical truth that all mankind are sinners and, therefore, are subject to Godís righteous wrath. We further teach the sad truth that because man by nature is spiritually dead, he will not and cannot come to God on Godís terms. However, God in His wonderful love has chosen a people for Himself for whom the Lord Jesus Christ did all the work necessary to save them. In Godís own timetable He applies the Word of God to their hearts and saves them. This is the Bibleís grand message of salvation that Family Radio wishes to send to every nation of the world.

In its intense study of the Bible ,Family Radio has discovered that a great amount of Biblical evidence points to the all-important fact that the world has come very close to its end. It has also discovered from carefully studying the Bible that, in a sense, this end of the world judgment has already begun, because judgment must begin with the house of God (I Peter 4:17, Hebrews 10:30).

Therefore, now that we have learned from the Bible that Godís judgment is upon the house of God, which are the local congregations, we are now compelled to teach the Biblical truth that God has shifted the final task of world evangelism to individual Christians who are outside of a local congregation. In obedience to these Biblical teachings, Family Radio, which is completely outside of any church institution, and which is supported and administered by individual believers, does teach that today, as we are heading for the end of this worldís existence, we should not be a part of a local church.

However, we do emphatically teach the Biblical truth that God is still adding to His eternal Church. This eternal Church consists of people all over the world whom God has planned to save as they come under the hearing of the true Gospel.

Therefore, Family Radio continues to send the true Gospel throughout the world by shortwave radio, by A.M. and F.M. radio, by the Internet, by satellite broadcasting, by T.V., and by printed materials. Its constant theme is the encouragement of people to carefully read the Bible, praying for obedience to the Word of God.

We are delighted to offer on Family Radio's Web site, for your use and blessing, many Bible study helps. Please do not hesitate to download any content (audio or text) posted on this web site. We also invite you to send for any literature offered on this web site. All items offered to you are without any cost or obligation to you.

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