If you are experiencing audio difficulties
perhaps the information listed below may help.

Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties listening. While we developed the online broadcasts and audio archives, we focused on the most universal formats (MP3 and Windows Media). Therefore, the audio players that are best designed to support Family Radio's format are:

Windows Media Player (version 9.0 or higher supports Windows Media (wma) and MP3 formats
iTunes supports MP3 format

As of June 2009 Family Radio's Internet Dept. has upgraded its MP3 servers from Shoutcast to Icecast. The primary advantage of this recent upgrade is that listeners will not be required to download the WinAmp Player to listen to Family Radio broadcasts.

  • If you signed up with AOL click here for important information.
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  • How to access Family Radio's online broadcast with a Mac? click here for help.
  • Does your system have the minimum requirements to listen to audio? click here for help.
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  • If you would like to speak to our technician call 1-800-543-1495 x 377 between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm (Pacific time) Monday through Friday. Or contact web site help:
    Download Audio Player

    All Audio files on Family Radio's website use either of the following codecs:
    (1) Windows Media [.wma]: These audio files require the Windows Media player. which is pre-installed on Windows PCs, If you need to upgrade your player to 7.1, click on this button to download.

    (2) WinAmp [.mp3]: These audio files require either the Windows Media or WinAmp audio Player to be installed to your system (WinAmp is the supreme player for mp3)

    MAC users. We recommend: ....................... "iTunes"
    Windows Media Player 7.1 for MACINTOSH