Central Time

The schedule below is subject to change.

11:00 PM Family Radio Weekend
12:00 Midnight For the Record*  
12:30 AM Family Bible Reading Fellowship  
  3:57 AM Creation Moments  
  4:30 AM Beyond Inteligent Design  

  5:00 AM Family Radio Weekend
  6:30 AM For the Record *  

  Children's Features
  8:00 AM Storytime with Uncle Charlie  
  8:15 AM Treasures from the Bible  

  9:00 AM Family Radio Weekend
  9:00 AM Beyond Inteligent Design  
10:00 AM The Stones Cry Out  
12:00 Noon For the Record *  
12:30 PM Family Bible Reading Fellowship
  3:57 PM Creation Moments  

  Children's Features

  4:00 PM Storytime with Uncle Charlie  
  4:15 PM Treasures From the Bible  
  4:30 PM Beyond Intelligent Design  
  5:00 PM For the Record *  
  5:30 PM Patterns in Music Bill Sadlier
  6:00 PM Hymns of Worship David Sonner
  7:30 PM Family Radio Hymnsing
  8:00 PM Bible Class of the Air  
  9:00 PM Family Bible Reading Fellowship  
  9:30 PM Quiet Hours  

*   Some stations air local public affairs.

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