Family Radio on Your Desktop
UPDATED - 7/3/02

Photography by   Seth Pitzer  

Download instructions:
The photographs below are bitmap images for you desktop.
The bitmaps are compressed as Win-Zip files, and require the WinZip extractor to open the bitmap file.
If you do not have WinZip installed, CLICK HERE  to download and install WinZip.

Installation Instructions
Just run winzip10.0.exe to start the installation procedure, then follow the instructions displayed on your screen.

After you have opened the background bitmap, store it in your windows directory. Right click on your desktop and select PROPERTIES in the dialog box. Select the bitmap image in the choice list and click the OK button.

Each photograph is designed with scripture passage.

Accompanying scripture: Psalm 72:17-19 (543 K)

Accompanying scripture: Joel 2:23-25 (372 K)

Accompanying scripture: Matthew 24:14 (447 K)
Bitmap by Arial Villisenior

Accompanying scripture: Psalm 74:12-13 (441 K)

Accompanying scripture: James 3:17-18 (705 K)

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