Subject: Hello...

Just a word to let You all know what a great job you have done on the Family Radio Bible Reading Fellowship Downloads page. I prefer it to the Alexander Scourby version. I know it is a goldmine [Bible Audio] and pray I it will be as well used as it has been wisely done. I had to send this word as I noticed you have been combing over the books and adding files that weren't there originally, etc. Wonderful Work Gentlemen! Christ's Richest Blessings,


Subject: Open Forum

Dear Sir,
I am writing to tell you that I have just downloaded "Open Forum 22/Aug/2003." I must say that the sound quality is very good indeed, running at 24K bits/second is well worth the little extra waiting when downloading. Please do keep it up if at all posssible. I try to copy these files to freely give to others to further the Gospel. Once again, Thanks.

Yours in His Service,
Hans (UK)

Subject: Praise the Lord

got a new system;so now i can hear open forum;i am so excited;many things to learn;the lord bless all of you.


Subject: Many thanks

hi, my name is JOSHUA ABSALAM KHOSA from Mozambique, and i just wanna thanks the LORD JESUS CHRIST to allow you to provide this wonderfully program may HE bless you with all kind of blessing. thank u so much.


Subject: Audio Bible - Russian

Thank you very much for your help. I was able to successfully get to the right link and am now able to download again. I really do appreciate your work.

Thank you again, and may God Bless,

Subject: Chinese Bible -audio

I have downloaded several NT books chapter by chapter. Those files will keep me busy for a while. I am refining my spoken Mandarin by listening to the files. May be some day God can use my Mandarin knowledge in China. Your Chinese audio files are nicely recorded. Thanks to Family Radio for making them available on the net.
God Bless your ministry.

Bob Cheung.

Subject: Would you please send me a King James Version Bible?

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am a loyal listener of Familyradio, especially of the Open Form program. But in China, it is really hard to get a King James Version Bible printed in English. So would you please send me a King James Version Bible printed in English? Here I thank you in advance for your kind assitance.Your timely reply and help will be highly appreciated.May the Lord richfully bless you.

Sincerely yours,
Zichong L i
Shandong province,P.R.China


I've just drifted across your website for the second time since I've had this computer - about 3 weeks - and have remained thoroughly impressed by the quality of your production. I was also delighted to see your faces, especially that of Mr Camping who is just as nice as I imagined. What a lot of to do is going on about your teachings - there are whole websites dedicated to you. For myself, it's been years since I've been inside a church that teaches the whole Gospel just as it's supposed to be. I used to gain my sustenance from Family Radio, then I fell ill and had to stop listening because (and this is hard to believe but it's true) the radio noises made my head ache. I've recently written to you asking for your frequency guide and some Does God Love You tracts in Italian - they go like hot cakes - but I think the postage was insufficient so the old Snail will go just that bit slower. I see from your photos that a lot of changes have been made in the four years I haven't been listening; Keep hanging in there.

Yours in Christ
Janet Mary Zylstra-Felice
Viterbo, Italy



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