Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

1Thessalonians 5:16-18

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Dear Family Radio: Thank you for your ministry as a help for those who need prayer and as a witness to listeners everywhere! My 16 year old daughter is a strong Christian. She has been an outstanding student and has always excelled. In January, she began getting sick with a host of infections. She has been to the doctor nine times and has been on five different antibiotics. These illnesses have left her so exhausted and sick and the antibiotics make her nauseous. The teachers were understanding in the beginning and now they are suspicious even though the doctor wrote a strong letter...although I don't know if any or all of the teachers saw it. She hasn't been talking with or seeing friends much at all. She even gave up going to the junior prom because the teachers might not like it. Every time I see her she is studying! We are so proud of her work ethic. I am asking for God's intervention for fairness. I am NOT asking for excellent grades God's influence in judgment. Just God's will, whatever it is. God bless your wonderful organization!

I have four daughters. I just asked for prayer for the youngest. Also please pray for the oldest. She is foolish in her driving: speeds, tailgates, drinks and drives, talks on her cell phone, etc. She is 23 and naive. Pray that she'll wake up and see how wrong this is and that she will not cause injuries to herself or others!


Tuli residents of Weston Florida were severely injured in the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv Israel. which left 1 of them in critical condition. He needs your prayers for a speedy recovery. He is 16 years old and could be easily anyone's son, brother, friend or grandson at 16 years old. We are all are one family. I am asking you to pray for him. With prayer and Gods help he will recover.

Our father is 81 and has been diagnosed with lung cancer. He has other health issues and an invasive surgery to remove the cancer would be very risky. At this time is seems that he does not want to undergo surgery. Please pray that GOD gives my father, mother and the rest of the family the strength and wisdom to make the right decisions. Please pray for Godís guidance and mercy. We love our father and donít want him to suffer. Thank you and GOD BLESS.

I pray for the veil to be lifted from the natives of Israel. And for my homeland Portugal. For our great nation to return to God. My prayers are for nations to seek Christ in their laws, Morality never goes out of style.

I pray for God to remove selfishness in my life, so I may better serve him. Merciful is our Lord. I continually pray for the descendants of Abraham to see truth. LORD Jesus Christ hear my prayer.

Please pray for my son he is 18 and has decided to be on his own. May Christ bless his heart and protect him from the devil. Bless you Christians.

Please pray for a co worker who is always in pain due to neck injuries, Also her sister. Thank you and God bless Israel and all the believers in Christ.

My wife's mother was diagnosed with cancer in the liver. I pray for her healing if it is God's will. Please Christians I cry out for your prayers. my master hear me.

Pray for me and my family.I need a job near to my husband's place so that we can live together.I have applied for a job and is in desperate need for it. Praise Lord for this job.Pray for all those who need prayer and support through this radio organization. In Jesus name. Amen

Please ask God to save me. Ask him to open my eyes, show me my sin and need of a Savior. This is my second request on this matter. The first was about two years ago, but I am still unsaved. I feel so maybe I'm not one of the elect. Please continue to pray for me. Thank you.

Dearly beloved of God. It is very hard to find joy in pains. My under aged children begging for food when I give there foster mother monthly allowance for their up keeps. Even the apartment that I paid for since 12th April 2005, have not been released to me I have been squatting since 28th March 2004 with these my under aged children until when it became unbearable for me that I handed them to a foster mother who have been living with them since the past 18months. My prayer is that God should give me an urgent apartment to enable me unite with my under aged children. Imagine I paid for an apartment since 12th April 2005 yet the landlord has refused to repair the apartment and hand over the keys to me. BUT I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVETH . JOB 19 25.Please I need your daily prayer support that God should give me an urgent apartment. I pray for you twice daily. God bless you.

Today I need help in praying for my niece and nephew, We need Gods' wisdom in strength and wisdom for requests from and actions of these 2 children. My 15yr old niece wants permission to travel from Northern California to Southern California alone with a boyfriend she has met. My 12 year old nephew so desperately wants friends that he is trying to buy friends at school, by purchasing things for older students, to gain favoritism and acceptance. Help us pray to give us the right words to say, the wisdom and strength, and for the children to open their eyes to see what is right and good for them . Thank you and God bless everyone.

God Bless Everyone at Family Radio, Please I need help in praying for my 15 year old niece. She is so depressed that she is cutting her arms. She tells her Mother, that she does not want to go to school and does not want to live with her family anymore. Please help pray that this depression will be lifted from her and that glory of God will prevail. Thank you.

Please pray for my family( my wife, my children ,my mother ,my father).At present I am without any unemployment at all ,being in my father in law's house. Once I was catholic, now I converted into true Christian by your Radio programs and reading Bible, My village resists my attitude. I am willing to do Godís Ministry.

prayer request . my father is doing Christian paper ( THINA THOTHU)local Tamil daily news paper. my mother, my brother & his family, my children, & my aunty.

I have been married four times and must not hide such sin. I pray to be reconciled to the last wife of mine and so is her heart to me. Only God can give us both salvation in his kingdom to come and love and peace on earth as a husband and wife team for Christ with a walk that brings us to heaven in his glory. I pray that God will keep us both in his hands safe from ourselves and this would until that last day in 2011 A.D

Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be over past.

Prayer requests two wives and four children. I am a man on the west coast and I have two wives each with the same name. The first divorced me in 1990 (with four children). I am trying to be loving and faithful to this first wife today over e mail and to bring the true gospel to this special person in my past (also to her Husband now divorced by her). I am praying also for our four children that she had in the church after the divorce. The second now on the east coast was married to me in 2000. However She is still married to the first husband and to me also come to find out. She has been in jail for the last few years now and is out on probation today. I called open forum about this wife and marriage in February 2006. As a result I have tried to be reconciled to this last wife and have asked her to live with me faithfully as a children of God and that we both follow only the Bible today. But she will not today.

I pray for peace in my life, family, and world. I pray for employment, teenage son's well being, husband's spiritual growth, mother's health and all sick and shut in. Amen.

Please pray for me. Please pray that the Lord will heal, mend and or repair the broken and damaged relationship that i have with my children. I have by his mercy been given five wonderful children, who at this point really can't (as they would say) stand me! I have done all that i could do as a loving father to support them, teach them, and guide them, but now i've become the target of their misguided abuse. I can remember each and everyone of them as they were growing up. How they depended on me and how much they needed me in their own separte ways, but now it seem as though they rather not have anything to do with me. Please pray that God will enter in on this troubling situation between me and my five very angry children and work a work upon their hearts that even the hardest heart can't resist. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Please pray for my Mother. She has been in the hospital for almost 3 months. She was seen in the ER on January 27, 2006 and advised to stay overnight just as a precaution (after a fall no injuries). She has been there ever since! The care has been terrible. It is amazing how modern medicine treats senior citizens. The elderly are often dismissed because of their age. She has been running fevers. After so many tests and antibiotics they cannot find out what is wrong or where any infection is located in her body. It has been a nightmare! They have not "turned" her and she is now full of sores. Despite the doctor's poor prognosis, God in his mercy has sustained her thus far. Please pray that God will restore my Mother. That she may have a full recovery. I have been compelled to voice my complaints. Please pray that I am guided to do and say the right things on my Mom's behalf.

Please pray for her nurses. May they see her for the special person she is. Please pray that she is discharged and I am able to find the right facility for her to aid in her convalescence. Please pray for my mother's peace of mind. She has stopped talking altogether. She has been so traumatized. She was an intelligent viable, cognizant, lovely woman. A faithful servant of the Lord. She now only expresses herself in screams. I have not given up hope because I have faith that God is in charge. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray for me. I have globus sensation in my throat and GERD for the last 3-4 years. My health is getting weaker during these years, my throat has inflammation because of it, and I feel short of breath even when I walk. I am 35 years old but my health is worst than a 50 years old man. Please pray for me that God will have mercy on me and relieve my suffering. GERD prevention: Do NOT go to sleep or lay down RIGHT AFTER you ate (within 3 hrs). Do NOT over eat. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you!

Please pray for my 16 year old nephew who is in a terrible depression. We are working to get him the help he needs but we know the Lord can heal him and give him back his joy for life.

A young Christian single mother of three children, a teenager that has cerebral palsy, a 6 year old and a 10 month old has been diagnosed with terminal cancer please pray for them.

Dear Family Radio, Please continue your prayers for my dear Mother. She was discharged on Thursday. When she arrived at the nursing/rehab facility, I finally got to see with my own eyes the extent of her wounds and bed sores. The nursing home staff was in shock. They had never seen such a bad case of neglect.. She is a Stage IV. She is contracted. There is barely a heel on her right foot and her tail bone is exposed. It is absolutely criminal what they allowed to happen to her. My heart is broken. I was thankful that she was out of that horrible place. Yesterday morning I was called by the nursing home. Mom was not responding and had a high fever. She is now back in the hospital, a different one. I could not in good conscience send her back to the one that abused her. She has pneumonia. I pray God in his mercy brings her through. Please pray that I am led to do what is right.

Please Join your faith with mine. 1, Am believing GOD for an affordable and secure accommodation in Sacramento, California or wherever He may lead me to. 2, Let Gods favor, knowledge and wisdom shower on me in my new Job. 3, Let God continue to keep me to Himself. I believe he has answered already. Am thanking him for answered prayers in Jesus name. Amen.

My prayer is that, our God Almighty should continuously bless you and your ministration.

Family: please pray for us. My son is having serious legal problems. It is affecting the entire family. I have even contemplated suicide. Please pray that God will give us strength to see this thru. Please pray that God will give us the strength to accept His will for our lives. Please pray sincerely for us and for all affected in this what were going through.Thank you.

Dear family: please pray that my friend who's father has terminal cancer will have the strength to make the necessary decisions needed to help his family. He is not a strong person by nature and I would like prayers that God will give him strength. He needs it and I know that with God all things are possible.

I pray that God will bless my husband and I to find a way to buy a car, home and pay off our debts. We have been praying for a while now. I'm just tired...I need a little rest from our financial crisis. I pray that God will continue to bless and provide our every need. Amen.

Dear my brothers how are you I know your programs from my brother. Continue your ministry and may God bless you but I don't have a radio so please pray for me to have my own radio and grow in Gods gospel

A friend's teenager daughter was in comma after she was hit by a car while crossing the road. Please pray to wake up her comma. God has mercy.

Please pray for deliverance from some heavy, heavy financial burdens that are crushing me & my family. The stress is becoming almost unbearable. Thanks & God bless you for your ministry & your faithfulness in serving Him.

My wife is having a heart procedure this morning and needs your prayers as do I and my children. Also please pray for someone who needs your help fighting cancer.

My mother passed away and is now in the presence of her Savior. Please keep me & my family in your continued prayers.

I would like to make a prayer request for my husband and I. He is an unbeliever and I don't think I am saved but pray that I will be. He wants to leave our marriage and there is nothing I can do to convince him to stay. We have had a bad marriage and I am equally to blame. I have been trying to tell him that things can change. I know that the Bible says that if an unbeliever wants to go to let them. I was just hoping that a few more prayers might help. I know there is only hope for us and our marriage if God changes our hearts. Please pray for us if you have time.

Dear Friends, This is most urgent request. Please pray for a dear oneís visa issue. Last year he was not granted visa in USA and in UK. He is a Chief minister of Gujarat and well known for his cruelty. Let our God block his plan once again. Please encourage all Christians to pray. Thanks!

I ask prayers for my goddaughter who suffers from anxiety attacks and physical ailments which are preventing her from working. She is a kind and gentle young woman and a Christian in a country where there are not many Christians to be community for her. I pray that God will strengthen and guide her to people who can be of help and comfort to her. I also give praise and thanks to God for my husband's recent triple bypass heart surgery. He is healing very well, and is moving along with his recovery. I pray that God will strengthen him to give up his smoking for good (and the alcohol, too). He is a good man, but emotionally and physically very cold and closed down (private), so it is hard for me to be a loving care giver sometimes. (I pray for strength to live with all that, too, and to be a good wife.) I listen to family radio almost 24/7 and it is a great comfort to me. Everyone I hear on the air is like family to me after all these years. It is wonderful knowing that the family radio family is broadcast all around the world, and that people are awake and listening with me, even when it is the wee small hours of the morning here. I do not feel so alone. May God continue to bless the ministry of Family Radio.