Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

1Thessalonians 5:16-18

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Please pray for a friend that I have not had contact with in a long time but was just mugged and shot and left in critical condition in Palo Alto yesterday. They says his chances are not good and he may not make it. Pray that God may of had him as one of his elect. For thy is thy Kingdom, thy power, and thy glory forever more, Amen

David and Leah Ortiz are two of the bravest and best people I know, who have served the Lord faithfully for years here in Israel. They have unashamedly and fearlessly shared the Good News with both Jew and Arab.
Earlier today, their 15 year old son Ami was critically injured in a terror attack. A package delivered to the Ortiz home blew up when Ami tried to open it. Undoubtedly, the package was designed for David and Leah, not their son. (Below is a Jerusalem Post article on the bombing. Despite the ambiguity of the article, it is almost certain a terror attack.)
Ami has just gotten out of a five hour surgery with severe injuries all over his body. Doctors say his condition is "uncertain."
Please pray for Ami's life and physical restoration. Please pray too for David and Leah for the Lord's Hand to be upon them in a dramatic way at this time. They need His peace and grace right now! Please pray too that the church will rally around the Ortiz family at this time with prayer and support.
Thank you so much and Blessings!.

Good day .. may Godís blessings be with all.
Please bear with me as I unload my heart. This is a trying time for my family. Just a week before Easter my cousin died suddenly. He leaves behind a sister who is devoted to the Lord, may she know peace. My brother who is alienated from God is undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy Ė may he remain cancer free but more importantly may this illness be used by God to reconcile. One sister who has lost some eyesight due to diabetes recently had uterine cancer surgery that appears to be quite successful. May God sustain her prayerful spirit and restore her to health. Another sister is undergoing some unreasonable personal attacks at work. She is at wits end. May God bring her through this with new dedication, renewed spirit and a better place of employment. May whatever purpose God may have in this matter be realized. May we all be guided and comforted by our Lord, but most of all may Godís will be done.

Please pray for the President and all those who bear the burden of authority..

Please pray for me as I am facing the possibility of bankruptcy. Money is tight and I am drowning in credit card debt most of which I incurred trying to save my business. The business was sold at a loss and that is where most of the debt comes from. I also traded stocks trying to get rid of my debt and for a while came close, but now I am more in debt. Please pray that God may open my eyes to His truth more and more. Please pray that He may strengthen me in my hour of weakness and need. Thank you.

After over 4 years in a terrible situation, I am tormented and desperate and feeling alone and abandoned by the Lord. I need a miracle in my life.
Please pray for the staff of Family Radio, and all true believers in these last days. May the Lord continue to bless the preaching of the gospel message. Thanks to our God for the priviledge of allowing us to be a part of this marvelous work.

Pray for me that the Lord will give me strength in these last days and that he will use me for his will..

My brother Harold just got out of the hopsital today for unknown bleeding problems from his stomach area, which has not resolved, please pray for him.
Thank you, and God Bless you all.

Good Evening dear christian friends, I need prayer for my weight. I gained some pounds and now I'm having a hard time taking it off. I know this might seem petty, but God knows my circumstanes. I have a eating disorder and I'm in this very good program that helps me organize my eatting pattern. So please pray for me. God understands everything. Thank you so much.

Please pray for my nephew and his wife to be strengthened by the LORD to repent from the abuse of their marriage vows and that God would give them the wisdom and understanding of a marriage that pleases Him, and that my marriage might be a light that so shines that they may see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven. In Jesus name, Amen.

The doctors couldnít find out what was wrong with me. I feel nauseous, weak, drained of energy, and my stomach is cramping all the time. I can barely eat anything. Please, please, PLEASE pray for me that I will feel better soon.

Dear friends,
Please pray for the salvation of myself, my wife and my 3 children. I had though that I was saved but after many years and after re-examining my heart I find myself falling short of His glory and certainly a falling away. My wife has no interest in spiritual matters. My children are now young adults my youngest being 24 years old. When they were very young I used to spend much time with them in the Scriptures and being involved in the local church. I haven't been a very faithful servant of the Lord causing myself and my children to loose interest and my wife to continue to be indifferent concerning these matters. I realize we don't have much time left so I have been asking the Lord for mercies on the family that He has entrusted to me. Thank you so much this privilege to request prayer.
Thank you.,

Dear Brother/Sister in Christ,
Please pray for my nephew's wife, she got a car accident this morning. She is 6 months pregnant, please pray for both mom and baby and their salvation.

I have an urgent prayer request concerning my aunt's husband. Please pray for him that the Lord would provide His abundant graces and mercies for a dire situation. Thank you for allowing me to share this prayer request with you. God bless you and your ministry.

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ,
Please pray for a very serious situation my husband and I are enduring presently. Please pray that God's Hand is in this and that He will work it all out for good - that it would be resolved shortly. That He would keep us through this. Praise His Name, thank you and God Bless You all!.

Friends can you please pray that the Lord will give me peace of mind and confidence regarding my job, that I will be able to find a buyer for my home which is up for sale, my two teenage boys and husband will be lead in the right direction and grow spiritually strong. Can you please pray that I can grasp the bible study material and be able to put it to work effectively. And can you please also pray for my whole family that they may be saved. My niece who is pregnant that she might have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Please pray for my brother who has diabetes and high blood pressure, he does not have medical insurance, please pray for healing in Jesus Name, Amen.

I would like to pray for a speedy recovery for Mr. Harold Camping and that he will be used by God to finish the endtime teaching so we as believers have a better understanding and I can continue to teach it in my Skidrow ministry on the the streets of downtown Los Angles.

On July 10,2007 our son fell about 50 feet from a 3rd floor window. He has almost completely recovered from brain trauma, and spinal fractures, praise God. He is now seeking employment, and he is unable to do physical work. He has a diploma in "Graphic Design" but has not been able to find work. He is 22 years old. Thank-you.

Thank you family for all your sincere prayers. My son called me today. it was a short conversation, but it was good to hear his voice and that he is ok. Please continue to pray for him. Please pray that the Lord will help him find his way. He is supposed to come by tomorrow to pick up a few things. please pray for us. He is not in jail.

Please ask God to save me. Please pray and ask him to make me a true child of God. I have been seeking on and off for more than twenty years but i am still unsaved. Now I'm tired, it seems more sinful than ever and i just don't know what to do.

I am a single parent of 5 kids who is just overwhelmed with financial stress, which helps to make me sicker. My commission-based job has moved out of the area so that I have to travel for at least a week at a time, which has become very difficult for me due to health issues of severe sleep apnea, diabetes, and fibromyalgia-like symptoms (pain, headaches, depression and weakness). I am not able to work consistently, and I am behind on rent and utilities and have no health insurance.

Please say a prayer for me....I have had 6 strokes and a heart attack and need your prayer.
In Jesus name Amen

Please pray for Clint Underhill who has kidney failure.

May the Lord always bless Family Radio.
Please pray for me, my 4 children, and 10 grandchildren and the two more that are on their way, also for my partner, my parents and brothers and sisters. That the LORD open their spiritual mind and eyes, that they allowed the LORD into their lives and that may God Bless them and have mercy on all of us. Pray so that we may Trust God his word the Bible and that we may serve HIM and HIM only. That he guides us to the right path and not look back. Bless us LORD.