Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

1Thessalonians 5:16-18

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Would you please pray for healing and for God's will to be done in the lives of these dear precious Christians and their families, all of whom have cancer. Young man diagnosed with stage 4 cancer about 6 yrs ago, around age 13. Now after two yearlong sessions of chemotherapy and surgeries, has been diagnosed again with cancer, cannot have chemotherapy treatment again, facing loss of his arm, uncertainty of any treatment. Young Christian girl 14, stage 4 cancer. My cousin, 40 years old with untreatable cancer, 4 children. Thank you and may God bless you, Elizabeth Maduzia

I just waned to thank the Lord for giving me another chance to live again and move forward and letting me know its ok to find forgiveness with yourself and finding peace. I am very thankful for my new life and always' remember that God loves me and I know he forgives me and I know I am saved because of Jesus Christ the son of God. Amen.

Please pray for my family my son, my daughter, and my grand-daughter that we will do the will of the Lord and love him with all our mind body and souls

Please pray for my family. Please pray that my husband wakes up and see's all that he is really doing. Please pray that he has the strength and courage to END his relationship with M (swiftly would be great, every day he's gone more damge is caused to us, and to our kids) Please pray that God guide him to the love in his heart, and with that love guide him home.

Please pray for my mother=in-law, who is in a nursing home since she suffered a stroke - she is immobile and her speech is not good - also she has developed vascular disease and they are contemplating amputating her one leg just below the knee. Pray that the Lord would have mercy upon her and save her and heal her spiritually, physically and emotionally. Also my sister-in-law is very ill and I would ask for prayer in the same manner for her. Also that the Lord would have mercy upon us and help us through whatever He allows in our life - please pray for my husband and myself and my daughter - (salvation for my daughter and also for a situation at work) please pray that the Lord would heal both my husband and myself in areas where needed, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Thank you and God Bless You!

Please, can you pray with me today...
I'm praying for a miracle to save my marriage. Nothing is impossable for God I have been praying for 2 days and nights straight (i'm tired, I don't sleep) and after I wrote out this prayer this morning at 7:02, ten minutes later he came through the door, with a dinner for the family tonight. I asked him to come and have dinner with us... and I hugged him and told him I love him on his way out.
My prayer request is that people trust the Bible rather than their church.

To all who reads this pray for me that I may walk and live according to Gods commandments and resist the temptations of this world....may God keep each and everyone of you in his light. In Jesus name I pray.

Dear Family Radio Family, would you please pray for a friend of mine, he is not saved yet, unfornately he believes he is gay and already has a boy friend, please dont judge him, please pray for him, his name is Jeff. Thank you.

Oh Dios nuestro, bendito seas por sobre todas las cosas. Vengo a ti a implorarte acompanes a mi hija Emily que muy pronto va a ser intervenida quirurgicamente de un problema con que nacio hace un poco mas de cinco anos. Bendito seas mi Amo y Senor, tu que todo lo puedes, acompanamela con tus angeles ese dia que esta cerca y que mucha preocupacion me esta causando. Alabado seas por siempre mi Dios.............Amen.

I would like to offer-up a prayer for all those who are lonely at this time of year and who are taking the time to listen and watch Family Radio's broadcasts via the internet. There are so many wonderful resources available here for all those who hunger and search for the truth. May God bless all those who work at Family Radio. Thank You.

Pray for my family the bible teaches he know what are need are before we ask in Jesus name.

Please pray for my 23 year old daughter. I raised her in the faith but her father has always been an alcoholic, and an angry violent person. My daughter is more attached to her Dad who says he talks to the dead and has clairvoyance. My daughter now lives on her own and does not go to church or read her bible anymore. She is highly educated and her only ambition is to get rich and get her and her father out of poverty and to buy a big house. Please pray for my daughter’s salvation.
Thank you.,

Dear Family Radio,
Very soon I will have a job interview with a company I am very interested in, but I freeze in interviews really bad, don't know what to say. In the past I had three interviews with the same company for different positions and I did not well at all.
Would yoy please pray for me.

Dear Familiy radio,
I am listening to Family radio little over a year. During that time I realized that God gave me a second chance, I became a christian in 1985 but slided away. In this time period God changed me quite a bit. I am really happy about that. But whenever I talk about Familiy radio to others, I receive bad reaction, once a pastor told my wife that Harold Camping is the Anti Christ. My wife is very much against Harold Camping, As a matter of fact, she is going even more to her church as normal, in other words, she doesn't believe Harold Camping, whe he is saying that the church age came to an end. We usually have a very good relationship, but when it comes the Family Radio and Harold Camping, we don't. Before we start arguing, we both stop talking about that matter, because we love each other a lot. Would you please pray for my wife and me.

Pray for all Curses to be broken over my Family and Inclunding myslef, Angie, Bill, Susan Joan and the rest of our Family. Generational Curses Be Removed. Also for the Curse of Alcoholism , Anger, Pornography and Resentment to be Bound off of my brother inlaw Perry and that he will be Saved thru the blood of Jesus Christ.

Hello, My Name is Leroy. I have a friend who has a hardened heart. Her name is Rhonda I am not really sure how it first became hardened but I am really concerned for her. I was her friend for almost 2 years and have grown to get to know her and care about her a lot. She and I had a disagreement and now her heart has grown even harder. I did not mean to hurt her heart anymore that it was hardened but I am afraid that I might of set her back. Please help me pray so that god will intervene and help her heart grow soft so that she can give and receive the love that she so much deserves. She also has a drinking problem and may god help her with that to... Thank you..... Leroy.

Please pray for my husband who hasn't found God yet, pray me to let God to lead me to him. I've started to read the Bible but I need help in continuing to go that way and help my husband. Also please pray for my three children Krystal 13, Elias 8, and Ethan 3 for them to find direction in prayer and in the Bible and for me to lead them also. Please pray for God to open our hearts to him. Please also pray that God will watch over my family and I in the neighborhood in which we live and allow him to send us wherever we will find happiness and peace in a decent neighborhood but let us not forget about him. Thank you a NYC worried Mom.

O Lord have mercy save us i beg you have mercy on Greg and me please save us.

please pray for me if you would for the upliftment of my job to break strongholds against me in the name of Jesus, I am being tried again and again and Jesus said if too or more stand together in my name there am I in the midst so will you stand with me.

Good Evening,
How are you doing? Right now my sister and I are going trough a very difficult situation, We have a geo tracker. The car is old. It's a 1993. We had to pay a lot of monet for it a bew engine, now it broke down again. My sister is meeting up with the mechanic wednesdy. They are goping to try to negotiate how the situation can be worked out. Please pray that the lord's will be done in this. Eventually I will need a good car,because I need a car to go to work.Please pray that the good Lord will let us be able to afford a good car that I can realy on to get me to work safely. Thank you so much. God Bless always. We love F.R.

Please pray that we won't lose our home in 2 months. We don't have the money to move and we become homeless. Thank you.

Hi friends can you please pray that the Lord will give me peace of mind and confidence regarding my new job. Can you please pray that I can grasp the material I have to learn and be able to put it to work effectively. And can you please also pray for my Mother, Brother and Sister-In-Law that they may be saved. And that she might have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. And that the baby will be healthy. Thank you all Love Crito

Thank you Father for giving me peace in my heart and I know you forgive me for what I have done wrong in the past. I just want to move on and to always' have you in my heart so I can have more peace and patient and to always' thank the Lord for giving me a new life going forward...
In Jesus name Amen

Please pray for my family I am afraid that my marriage is going to end. let God enter my heart and show me how to fix this constant unhappiness in my home. My husband and I are unequally yoked and this is the root of our problems. Let God show me how to lead my husband into the true gospel. Pray for him that he can take his rightful place in our home as a father to the children and loving husband. Also I want to pray for Family Radio to continue to touch others the way that it has for me and may the people that listen pray to only God for salvation.

Dear friends,z
I'm in a desperate need for a place to live in peace. right now I'm living in a place that feels like a metal factory above our heads. people living upstairs are so insensible and have no regard for our peace. We've mentioned to them but we were ridiculed. Devil is using them against me. My husband and I are peace lovers and do not want any fights. please pray that God will lead us out of this hell soon. We want to buy a house that will be a blessed and peaceful place so that I can pray anytime in a day, anytime I want to. Cause here the noise goes on until 2 am sometimes.I can't bear this noise any more that's why I'm requesting you to pray. Thank You and may God bless you all.

Dear Ones, please pray for my daughter, Chris, who is encountering a very stressful, debilitating situation. Please pray for her salvation and that the Lord would protect her and spare her from the matter that is causing this situation. Thank you and God Bless!

Prayer request from Nigeria
1. Please lets continue to pray for Hausa Muslims in Nigeria that wants to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour but fears of persecution is not allowing them.
2. Please pray for me and my family that God would help me in the Hausa translation am doing.because sometimes I find it hard to buy computer time to type my translations and studio recording, because am unemployed.

Prayers for Mat. Fell off roof on head, swelling in brain cut skull to releave pressure prayers for Mat and family and friends.

Please continue to pray for my son and his wife. They are currently separated and although he desires to reconcile, she does not. My son is very discouraged and needs lots of prayer. Please pray the Lord will encourage his heart somehow and guide him through this painful time in his life. Also, please pray for his wife to turn to God. Thank you. Please pass this prayer request on to anyone willing to pray.

Dear familyradiio,
I have a prayer request for my almost 18 year old daughter. She confessed to us, that she might be bisexual and already has a girl friend, but so far nothing happened and no sin was committed. My wife and I was shocked. She had had no bad experiences, my wife and I treated her all her life with respect We are really concerned and asking that you please pray for her.

I am OBINNA from Nigeria, pray for me that the Lord should have mercies on me and save me from the agonies of my sins. Thank you.

Please pray for me, my family and all the people involved in this bad situation. My neighbors started an argument with my family over some pretty childish things and the situation has spiraled out of control SEVERELY! There's a hatred between people here now and I sometimes find myself involuntarily caught in the middle and I am often overcome with some strong, sinful emotions. Please pray for God to give me wisdom to understand his righteous and absolute law and to obey it the best I can... This situation spiritually weakens me and I am sometimes overcome with my sinful emotions, which are contrary to God's perfect law and love.
This situation is beyond my control and some innocent people are being hurt and led astray from God. Please pray that God may bring a calm and just solution to this problem and forgive and strengthen my heavy, embattled heart, mind and soul.

Please pray for me – I’m trying to open up a business helping people with social issues. Dear Ones, please pray for a situation my husband and I are facing and need prayer for it to be a good report and cleared up.
Thank you and God Bless!

Please continue to pray for my son and his wife; they are currently separated and although my son desires to reconcile, his wife continues to state that she is confused and doesn't want to reconcile. Please pray that my son will be patient and seek God as he waits for his wife to respond; please pray that his wife will have peace in her heart toward God and her husband.

Please pray for David who might be getting a new liver tonight. May the Lord have mercy on him, may the Lord make His face shine over him. Thank you for processing this prayer request.