February 15, 2008

Dear fellowservant in Christ,

Recently, the question has been raised again about the use of Family Radio materials on other web sites or the re-broadcasting of Family Radio programs by others. So that there is no misunderstanding, we would like to take this opportunity to clarify our policy.

Family Radio does not permit others to post any Family Radio materials nor broadcast audio streams via a web site or by any other means. Nor does Family Radio permit others to rebroadcast any Family Radio program via a Pal Talk room or by any other means.

We have nothing against any particular group nor individual. We trust that the Lord is using His people in many places to get the Gospel out in many ways. However, it is necessary for Family Radio to be consistent with everyone. We receive requests from many that desire to be able to use Family Radio material on a web site or to rebroadcast Family Radio programs by some means. If we allow one to do this, then in order to be fair, we must allow others also. However, this creates confusion for listeners. For example, they go to a web site and see Family Radio materials or hear Family Radio programming, and they see other teaching on that web site that is different from Family Radio teaching. Then, there is confusion. Or, the listener thinks that this other ministry is somehow affiliated with Family Radio or is endorsed by Family Radio.

Because this has been a problem over the years, Family Radio has had to establish this policy that others may not post nor rebroadcast any Family Radio material or program via a web site or via any other means. To be fair, we have had to establish this policy across the board. We appreciate how so many of our friends have followed this rule. Therefore, we ask everyone to please follow this rule, so that we can continue to be fair with everyone.

We appreciate your efforts to share the Gospel and may the Lord continue to bless and use you for His kingdom. Thank you.

Harold Camping
President and General Manager
Family Radio