The Biblical Calendar of History
by Harold Camping
Family Stations, Inc.
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Introduction Page iv
The Clue Phrase "Called His Name" Page 1
An Ancient Calendar Page 2
Calendar Confirmation from Egypt Page 2
Aaron's was the Fourth Generation Page 4
The First Civilization Page 7
The Confusion of Tongues Page 8
Egypt Becomes a Great Civilization Page 9
Writing and the Tower of Babel Page 10
Conclusion Page 11

Charts and Tables
A Calendar of Events in Biblical History Page 12
The Chronological Sequence During the Egyption Sojourn Page 14
Historical Timetable of Pharaohs and Dynasties Page 14
Chronology of Judges Page 16
Chronological Table of the Kings of the Divided Kingdom Page 17
Some Kings Had More than One Name Page 18
References Page 19