First Principles of Bible Study
by Harold Camping
Family Stations, Inc.
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Please read this notice...
This book was printed before we had correct Biblical knowledge of God's judgment process. Therefore, please disregard statements within it that speak of such things as eternal damnation. This book also may not contain the information that God in this day has commanded the true believers to depart out of the local churches.
For more biblically-based information on the subject of God's timeline of history as a supplement of our current understanding about the end of the world and God's judgment process, please read the publication "We are almost There" and "To God be the Glory" by Mr. Camping, President of Family Statons, Inc.


Introduction Page v
Chapter 1. Biblical Interpretation Page 1
The Bible Alone and in its Entirety is the Word of God Page 3
All of the Bible is the Word of God Page 6
The Bible is to be Obeyed Page 7
The Bible Alone is the Word of God Page 8
What about Direct Bible Quotations Coming to Us? Page 11
Praying in a Tongue Page 11
The Authority Regarded as Divine Establishes the Gospel Page 12
Every Religion has an Authority Page 13
Does the Bible Contain the Word of God? Page 14
The Authority of the Bible is Narrowed by Some Who Claim the Whole
    Bible is God's Word
Page 15
Chapter 2. The Bible is its Own Interpreter Page 19
The Sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures to be the Only Rule of Faith Page 25
How Are We to Understand Isaiah 2:4? Page 29
The Bible is its Own Dictionary Page 33
The Bible is its Own Grammar Book Page 34
Red Letter Editions of the Bible Page 35
The Bible is One Truth Page 35
Interpreting Scripture with Scripture Helps Us to Understand Matthew
Page 36
The Bible is Infallible Page 37
To Paraphrase or Not to Paraphrase Page 38
Chapter 3. The Bible has More than One Level of Meaning Page 43
The Bible is Absolutely Acurate in its Record of Historical Events Page 43
The Bible Teaches Moral and Spiritual Values Page 46
The Bible is the Gospel of Grace Page 48
God Speaks Directly to the Matter of Salvation Page 49
The Gospel of Grace is Frequently Hidden Page 50
Ceremonial Laws Point to Aspects of God's Salvation Program Page 51
Historical Personalities and Events and the Gospel of Salvation Page 61
The Gospel in the Raising of Lazarus Page 62
The Gospel in the Book of Ruth Page 63
Nehemiah, the Cupbearer of the King Page 63
Abram, a Figure of Christ Page 64
We and the Thieves on the Cross Page 64
These Signs Will Follow the Believers Page 65
Put Coal of Fire on Your Enemies Page 68
Do Not Plow with an Ox and an Ass Together Page 68
Conclusion Page 73